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Sasha Zand: News

Attorney General - April 5, 2017


Sasha Zand is the creator and owner of Mtv.

In 1981 he created and started the radio program "The New Afternoon Show" and interviewed Adam Ant and Siouxsie Sioux. Two months later he created Mtv, Music Television with Marc Goodman and Martha Quinn listening to his plans of playing the Video of the songs instead of just playing the songs at WNYU 89.1 FM on the dial. Behind his back they started having meetings. Three of them he was invited to and two he was pulled in. He should be there.

A college radio station, Evan "Funk" Davies was the program director and showed him how the playlist worked. Eventually from the AM station he went to the FM station, the back to the front booth.

Many people took credit for this. Astonishingly, people remember DJ's Naomi, Gary Cee, John Fox, Alan Hunter... but the mention of the singer and saxaphone player of the rock band DaDa seems elusive for many people.

James Chance and the Contortions featured a sax.

Nevertheless: DJ Sasha Zand broke more rock records on WNYU and Mtv than any DJ in music history. Including Alan Freed of WMCA which is the exact location of WNYU at Loeb Student Center - Washington Square Park.

On August 1, 2016 without being in the building of Mtv headquarters and without being invited for over 25 years, Sasha Zand returned to Music Television and a hostile takeover occured, Sean Atkins was brought in, the justice department contacted, Sumner Redstone was believed to be kidnapped and dead and propped up for the camera, and the new york times and vogue magazine were told the story of the beginning of fashion as they all know it and of course New Wave.

Mtv re-launched.

Sasha Zand remains true to his vision.

I want my Mtv.

quote Sasha Zand WNYU student and Cooper Union Student 1981.

The obvious answer is that Television is propaganda of governments but Rock N Roll is his forever.

It is believed that his punk generation from Billy Idol to Jim Kerr of the Simple Minds - which he played and broke their records on air - were all liquidated and replaced by imposters. Their heads placed in a shoebox then ghost sent to a host who lights a match by his own chin. Their bodies eaten to withdraw memory. It takes seconds for the transformation.

He played "Dancing with Myself". He played "I will follow" by U2. "Cuban Slide" by the Pretenders. Zenyatta Mondatta by the Police. Unheard of on commercial radio.

Mtv is college rock.

DaDa and it's untold story of Boston, the Pixies, Vic from Harvard, Charles of the pixies - not Frank Black doppelganger - Teenager of the Year - still needs to be heard. Throwing Muses and all the rest around Fort Apache recording studios - Roxbury later on Mass. Ave.

Jim Fouratt the entrepreneur who knew the RISD Kids: Rhode Island School of Design - Risdee - Vic invited them to CBGB's. College Artists Teena Weimouth and the rest showed up for the shows. She knew Debs.

"This ain't no Mud Club, This ain't no CBGB's, this ain't no foolin' around."

Because Rick Rubin was sitting in classes At NYU with the Beastie Boys and said they knew everything about Rap. Because they were DaDa. Rock was un-important. They stopped playing guitar.

"Mars eats Guitars."

One day he was brought aside, and it was explained to him in the NYU dorms that Rick Rubin had gotten a million dollar contract with Clive Davis of Arista Records to make an indie label. He was shown the contract. George Drakoulias was there abouts..

Vic Dadras sent Sasha to DJ at the school and then sent his sister Monica Dadras to work at Mtv having left Harvard Architecture School and also inadvertently creating the Punk Boston Scene with Gary Smith.(record producer)

He sat sasha down by the record player in Liberty - by Lake Marie - and basically ordered that he play sax like the Psychedlic Furs - and guitar exactly like the Gang of Four. ["Sister Europe"]

He looked at him - how could that be possible.

The Dadras' had scratched up some money for throwaway instruments.

He had a hagsrtom guitar. Sash himself went thru three of them to find a Carlo Robelli. The sax was from Marching Band. Keith Menges had a Fender Mustang and a timy amp. Bob found a tamborine. Tom played Mom's Farfisa. Moonie twiddled at a Cat synth. Not even a drum machine. But that was on it's way. They were all autures. Then came the slide show. They would drape a bedsheet on the back of the stage and vic would run through a lot of photographs. It worked.

They built a stage by the concession stand at the lake and performed nonsense for their friends.

With nothing, they worked they'e way to the stage at CBGB's around the end of 1976. Nobody could sing. Vic learned "Happy Together" by the Turtles.

"T.V. Party Tonight."

No money. Twizzlers and Meister Brau. Vic was old enough to buy beer.

The local movie theater would show The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Nightmares for a week. It was a $1. Grossingers was still open. People came up to disco - they were punk. Tom wound up at the School for the Performing Arts - FAME - that high school in upper Manhattan. They stood out like a sore thumb at the bowling alley. Anyone for darts.

Sasha was making Super 8 films, yet it was Tom Dadras who also wound up working in CGI for Steven Spielberg in Los Angeles -Hollywood.

He designed the Panavision filter holder for the Konvas 2M 35mm movie camera - and they made a few.

Now Joe Harvard - looks more like Rick Rubin without the haircut. [Says he did a Kim Deal EP that's never been heard.]

Mr. Smith made him switch from Alto Saxaphone to the Bari Sax in Stage Band. It was from the Marching Band's closet at school.

Van Zandt Ellis the classical pianist was his piano teacher.

Suzanne Sassic - the Lighting Design and set designer - was in his art class in high school. She saw him paint.

Al Petrelli [Alice Cooper, Joe Lynn Turner] was his guitar teacher at Focus II, in Bellmore. He bought the all wood Schecter Telecaster from him. He nicknamed it, "The Furniture". It played and he took it everywhere.

Morphine with Mark Sandman and Dana Colley featured a Bari.

His next two bands are very consequential indeed. ABSOLUTE and GRAND AFFAIR.

Kristin Hersh should be asked who is Sasha Zand after all.

Charles is not Frank Black,

He had been reading William Blake's description of the absolute in college. Ask Juliana Hatfield's band The Blake Babies about sasha zand.

He read Joseph Cambell's Mythologies, comparative religion, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Mahabharata, and the Bhagavad Gita.

He would say, a band called God.

At CBGB's, Legs McNeil was there and ask him who said, Punk.

Many bands came to see the seven shows of Dada 1977 New York City. Who came to see Dada in Boston.

At the School of Visual Arts, invited to participate with photographer Richard Erhardt, he wrote and explained his Post DaDa anti-communist art manifesto:

"In the ordinary there is art."


He had read the fictitious Communist Dada Art Manifesto and fell astray.

Without a rehearsal, he took the students in the classroom with the teacher present and there he spoke - and performed with them his own art invention and creation for the first time anywhere known as a daDA Play.

"I am a Man".

Where the students walked up to him and feigned they had hurt and killed him with their arms and hands moving, saying - "I am a Man" - each in turn. Leaving Sasha on a chair surrounded by their crowd like Brutus and Ceasar, he looked to the class and said - "I am a Man".

Adam's Soul, Blue Water, and Feather (which was in London) still cause quite a stir if you ask people in the record business.

He was shown a demo tape and heard the Cocteau Twins and Suzanne Vega at Talent Resource Agency - that booked national tours - there he met The Cult, The Smithereens, The Alarm. He - was the guitarist from Dada. He sang in Absolute with Matthias Raabe (French) on keys. They brought in back-up singers.

Jim Carroll (" friends that died, died") and Rosemary Carroll the music industry lawyer were there. [Courtney Love's Attorney]

Jules Kurz the music biz lawyer had his office adjacent to Arne Brogger's.

He went to Miles Copeland at FBI booking for gigs he couldn't get any. They eventually swallowed up TRA taking all of the acts including Megadeth,Slayer and King Diamond. Suzanne Vega went to Mtv.

Miles Copeland then brought a lawsuit against Bob Dadras and the band DaDA for his own IRS label band DADA "Dizz Nee Land". He lost. It was thrown out.

At soundcheck he said, "Hi-ya Blondie." Debbie Harry was in The Stllettos.

Who said: Til Tuesday. Ask Aimee Mann or Heg [David Hegelmeier] drum tech for The Cars, record producer of Absolute - not a vodka.

At Electric Lady Studios he handclapped on the John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band's song, "C-I-T-Y" with Heg at the microphone. The Cars were in the next room.

In San Francisco, Jim Thomas of The Mermen - an instrumental surf band - asked if he would sing for them. Of course he would. It was one of the greatest privileges of his career to hear that. He was playing lead guitar and singing for Adam's Soul, He was jamming guitar with the nephew of Carlos Santana. Eventually he would give a guitar lesson to the son of Graham Nash.

Jim didn't believe that.

The Seattle Scene had a direct link through Concrete Management which had the band SoundGarten in NYC with Patty Tatteo who worked there and who Sasha Zand himself was the 12 string acoustic guitar player and songwriter for her recordings. She too went to New York University.

Absolute became a Vodka, instead of the next thing to Tina Turner to replace Blondie on the airwaves.

But Mtv

was created by the singer who sang:

"I Zimbra"

which David Byrne quickly copied and stole utterly, Talking Heads was around a 15 year old boy at the sound checks - almost famous.....???



Andy Warhol said would he stand there. He took photos of the soon to be Talking Heads and Sasha Zand in CBGB's. Was there enough light at soundcheck. Bob had driven him there, he was in 9th grade at Manhasset.



Joe Strummer was there, who said Strummer? Ask Siouxsie Sioux....

"Berlin Wall" by Dada was ignored. The Sex Pistols with Malc [Malcom McLaren] picked up on it. He knew Syndey, Nancy and Nazz.





Mtv appoints Sean Atkins - no approval - December 8, 2016

Been speaking with the attorney general and the justice departmnet about Sasha Zand is the creator and owner of Mtv.   Mtv relaunched on August 1, 2016 then quickly there was a hostile takeover.  Haven't been invited to meetings - told authorities to revoke FCC license for Mtv from Alan Hunter and assign to Sasha Zand.  Believe there's no license at this time.

Very difficult situation, The New Afternoon Show at WNYU re-broadcast as well.  89.1 FM New York University.

Providing various evidence of foul play - most particularly that Sumner Redstone looks ill or deceased in exhibit: contacted Sherrif and Justice Department - they're barricaded - acted like the army. 

I want my Mtv - quote of DJ Sasha Zand 1981 WNYU college radio which became Mtv, Viacom.



Sasha Zand solves Internet Piracy - October 10, 2016

Sasha Zand rock star has solved internet piracy.  


"A digital hard file copy generates a mechanical royalty."  quote Sasha Zand

Tried to speak to Harry Fox Agency and tried to reach a little the Judiciary.   They had hearings and it is most doubtful that anyone was really ASCAP representaton as presented to the Federal Government.  

It is suspect how all of the hearings have gone thus far.  Even the future of music coalition has not contacted Sasha Zand.  

He was the creator of "Imitation Television" prior to now the rumoured start of

Let alone that he was and is DJ Sasha Zand of the New Afternoon Show [the  shows creator] at the best college radio station in the world: WNYU 89.1 FM 1981.  This became of course as everyone now knows WLIR 92.7 FM and WFUV 90.7 FM and now shown to be Mtv.  Like Dick Clark and Casey Kasem, syndication rights belong to Sasha Zand.

He had figured out how to play a 3 minute video at a press of a button on the computer.   People have forgotten video wouldn't play at all.  

Went to the Grammy Foundation to see if they would fund  Instead spoke to the Attorney General regarding Trademark, Ownership, Copyright Violation, and past earnings from Mtv Group and Headquarters.  

It has been most challenging considering that finally Judy McGrath of Mtv had been found.  Van Toffler of Viacom does not seem to be the original person at this time.

It should be noted for the music industry at large and professionally.  That without airplay on radio, and without selling a single 45 record or LP or CD album.  Playing music on the internet generates a Mechanical Royalty like printing Sheet Music according to Sasha Zand, rock star and creator/owner Mtv.






Film chooses 3 songs from Sasha Zand - November 28, 2013

The Director Michael Sigmon in scenic Santa Cruz, California, has picked 3 songs of Sasha Zand's to be featured in post production for a mystery thriller movie.   Details forthcoming, and maybe even a bit part in the follow-up movie is being discussed with a trip to california to act. [S.Z. was a regular actor/comedian in "The Biopsy Playhouse Theatre" local cable tv show]  Songs from Sasha's Blue Sky album has made the cut along with the "theme to the $20 Gourmet" wich will appear in a TV Talk-Show scene as well as other ones in the film.

Blue Sky - June 22, 2012

The New Sasha Zand album BLue SKy is now available at CDBaby

Good Times Magazine - May 14, 2009

Good Times magazine which is like the "village voice" type entertainment magazine for long island does a reivew of Inner The Outline

radio sampler features Sasha Zand - April 8, 2009

"Inner the Outline" is featured track number 2 on the just released Oasis Alternative Radio Sampler (volume IX #3)

The sampler goes out to radio stations as well as to industry insiders.

new single at pressing plant - January 28, 2009

january 2009: new single, "inner the outline" is at the pressing plant and is in the process of being completed for release.

the disc features 3 new songs and showcases the talents of Matt Johnson (drums) and Jeff Hill (bass). Guest musician, Astrid Williamson (ex-Goya Dress) plays piano on "walking on air". the single was mastered for radio by Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab, California. Produced and mixed by the artist.

Inner the Outline by Sasha Zand

1. "simple touch"
2. "inner the outline"
3. "walking on air"

c p 2009 s.z.

advance copies will be available for Radio, TV and Film. Please email all inquiries and kindly state this in the subject due to high volume of spam.

plans for concerts will begin soon, and request for availibility for touring should be also sent by email.

additionally, plans for a music video have been underway for "inner the outline".

after initial advance release to local prominent radio, tv and the music press, availibility via iTunes and Indie Radio will commence.

Advance request for the CD should be sent as soon as possible.

Lucid Culture - March 28, 2008

NYC Live Music Calendar

Also Weds March 26 Sasha Zand plays the dreaded 169 Bar in Chinatown, 8 PM. Eastern bloc expatriate with an uncommonly tuneful songwriting style, the rare tunesmith who actually merits a comparison with Elvis Costello. Lyrically, he’s still learning English but otherwise the songs are there.

[note: sasha is born in queens, new york, raised on long island, primary language is english.]

Village Voice review - July 14, 2007

Sasha Zand
by Michael Giacalone

According to this site, Sasha Zand is a native Long Islander back in Glen Cove after stints in California and London (where he was in a band called Feather). The three tracks available online are unified by a jangling, strumming mid-tempo guitar style that forms the meat of his sound.
This inverse ex-patriot has definitely brought back some of the Brit's crisp approach to pop in addition to a laid back West Coast breeziness. The Long Island influence? I presume it's the angst.

On his favorites list, Zand names The Smiths and R.E.M, whose influence can be heard on the subtle melodic lines crawling across the song "Wrong." This is a moody bit of guitar pop with a nice, plaintive Bob Mould quality that is hampered only by a pretty unimaginative beat. The highlight is a sparkling guitar break that adds a nice layer of melody to the track's constant strums.

"Talk About It" changes gears ever so slightly, bringing a sort of shoegaze Beatles feel to the proceedings. Zand's deadpan declarations even have, dare I say, a Ringo-esque quality, leaving "Talk About It" feeling like a post-Nirvana "Octopus's Garden." There is a dreamy wall of chorus-drenched guitars on this track, but the overall sound quality suffers in comparison to "Wrong." Still, I would take it over the most recent Oasis.

Zand says the track "Diamond in the Rough" is about homeless teenagers he encountered in San Francisco. His cautionary tale is put to a mod-ish, early Who-type arrangement that is a nice break from the straight-ahead rhythms of the previous two.

The strength of these songs, their consistent strong guitar work and disciplined pop craftiness also leaves me somewhat wanting for an unexpected vocal harmony or flourish of synth. Still, Zand has a classicist's approach to guitar pop that is refreshing after an afternoon car ride full of embarrassing rap/metal fusion acts. All he needs to do is stick around on the Island, go a little out of his mind like the rest of us and add that touch of madness to what he already has.

Televison Show - April 13, 2006

Sasha Zand performs on syndicated cable television show NY Rocks. Performs 2 songs in front of small live audience.

In the studio - September 29, 2005

Sasha Zand with Matt Johnson (drums) and Jeff Hill (bass) travel to Kingston, New York to start follow up to SPOKE TO THE MOMENT. In last minute scheduling, Brad Albetta who was scheduled to play bass was unavailable and Jeff Hill fills in within a week of the recording date. This makes it the Rufus Wainwright rythm section of 2005 since Matt and Jeff have been on the road for a year.

WBAB spins songs - June 6, 2005

WBAB in West Babylon spins two songs "A Casual Mistake" and "Riptide". This is one of the big rock stations on Long Island.

The Brooklyn Paper - January 22, 2005

The Lucky Cat

245 Grand St. at Roebling Street in

Williamsburg, (718) 782-0437,


Joe McGuinty’s Piano Parlor and

karaoke, 10 pm, FREE;

Chess club, 8 pm, FREE; Tuesdays:Wednesdays:

Hex! with DJ Jeremy, 10 pm, FREE;


Sport Casual, 10 pm, FREE;

“Futurefunk Sessions” with DJJan. 22:

Frantic Eyes, 10 pm, Quagmire, 11 pm,

Ms. Data’s Birthday Bash, midnight, FREE;

Jan. 23:

pm, Sharks With Wings, 9 pm, Pilotram,

10 pm, Shapeshifter, 11 pm, FREE;


Brian Osborne/Jeffrey Shurdut, 8Jan.Fire of Space, 8 pm, FREE; Jan. 27:

Sasha Zand, 8 pm, FREE;

Jan. 28:

“Futurefunk Sessions” Tsunami Relief

Party, 10 pm, $5 donation;

Jan. 29:

Dogsblood Rising, 9 pm, $3.

NY Daily News - GO WEEKEND - November 5, 2004


POP ACME UNDERGROUND. 9 Great Jones St. (212-677-6963). Tonight, Kelman, Sasha Zand, Lindsay Jordan, Grand Old Party, Breaker Fall, Rawson, Oneside. Tomorrow, Reyne, Spoonfed, Arden Reign, Splitsville, Faces on Film, Licorice.

"Velvet Trace" Music Video - September 20, 2004

Shooting begins for the music video "The Velvet Trace" Austin Schmidt is the DP and Kate Sharp directs. Location is the South Bronx.

Mac Addict features "A Casual Mistake" - September 15, 2004

MacAddict Magazine has selected, "A Casual Mistake" for the September issue. Circulation is 250,000. On sale now all around the world and at a magazine stand near you. Every issue contains a CD-Rom magazine with music, software demos, and a movie.

New Music Weekly - July 12, 2004

Article appears in New Music Weekly about success of New York modern rock singer/songwritter Sasha Zand and radio airplay. Radio and Music Industry trade magazine based in Los Angeles.

"A Casual Mistake" Music Video - June 15, 2004

Shooting begins with Todd Bellanca directing (Zooma Zooma). DP is handled by Valentina Caniglia (The Roots, Stained). 4 actors in support including Nicole Snelson (Desperate Housewives).

Radio - June 12, 2004

Request Sasha Zand at any of the Radio Stations listed below.

New adds for January/February

These are commercial FM: Hot AC/CHR/top 40 Format MAJOR LEAGUE radio stations:

KIXY San Angelo, TX
KLBQ El Dorado, AR
WSPT Wausau, WI
KNDE College Station, TX
KCDY Carlsbad, NM
KATW Lewiston, ID
KSCQ Silver City, NM
WJKC, Gallows Bay, Virgin Islands
WVIQ St. Croix, Virgin Islands
KDAO, Marshall Town, IA
WMVA Martinsville, VA
KGLI Sioux City, IA
WIFX Jenkins, KY


Test on:
KKCK Marshall, MN
WNDV S. Bend, IN
KLBQ El Dorado, AR
WXTQ Athens, Ohio

Spike on:
KJCK Junction City, KS
VOA Wash. DC (The Voice of America reaches people with more than 1,000 hours of weekly programming in 55 languages at their convenience, anytime, anywhere through RealAudio on the Internet, along with shortwave, AM, FM and satellite broadcasts. VOA is developing exclusive 24-hour FM outlets in capital cities throughout our target regions where affiliates are not already in place, including Nairobi, Kigali, Brazzaville, Ulaanbaatar, and Amman just in the last year.!)

CMJ Radio 200 Airplay - August 4, 2003


Charts to #24 WKNH, Keane, New Hampshire, 91.3 FM in the CMJ Radio 200 Airplay

Radio - July 7, 2003

Summer 2003 follows below:

News: 106 College stations playing Spoke To The Moment

FLASH: Debut and charted to No.24 on WKNH - Keene, NH. Broke into the Top 30 Chart on College Radio!

Flash: Debut and charted to No. 30 on WLFM - Appleton, WI.

Sasha Zand has been featured on the Out of the Box program ,with Jonathan Clarke ,on Q104.3 FM ("Easy"), and the Live from Munchaba show on WLIR 92.7 FM ("Under the Skin"). These are the biggest commercial classic and modern rock stations anywhere.

Howard Rosen Promotions in Los Angeles is promoting the CD, Spoke To The Moment, and the CMJ add date is July 8. Contact Rex, the head of College Promotion at:

Stations now playing Spoke to the Moment:



KRUA - Anchorage, AK
KSUA - Fairbanks, AK
KHNS - Haines, AK
KBBI - Homer, AK
KMXT - Kodiak, AK


KXUA - Fayetteville, AR


KISL - Avalon, CA
KFSR - Fresno, CA
KCRH - Hayward, CA
KIDE - Hoopa, CA
KUCI - Irvine, CA
KLA - Los Angeles, CA
KSMC - Norage, CA
KVMR - Nevada City, CA
KWMR - Pt. Reyes, CA
KMUD - Redway, CA
KSSB - San Bernadino, CA
KSCU - Santa Clara, CA
KCSS - Turlock, CA


KRZA - Alamosa, CO
KCSU - Fort Collins, CO
KURA - Ouray, CO


WHUS - Storrs, CT
WWUH - West Hartford, CT
WNHU - West Haven, CT


WVUD - Newark, DE


WNSU - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
WRGP - Miami, FL


KWLC - Decorah, IA


WRDP - Chicago, IL


WCRD - Muncie, IN


WLCV - Louisville, KY


KRVS - Lafayette, LA


WMBR - Cambridge, MA
WJUL - Lowell, MA
WSMU - North Dartmouth, MA
WTCC - Springfield, MA
WBRS - Waltham, MA


WFWM - Frostburg, MD


WHSN - Bangor, ME
WMPG - Portland, ME
WMHB - Waterville, ME


WLSO - Sault Ste. Marie, MI


KUMD - Duluth, MN
KFAI - Minneapolis, MN


KDHX - St. Louis, MO


WUSM - Hattiesburg, MS


KDWG - Dillon, MT

New Hampshire

WKNH - Keene, NH

New Jersey

WPSC-Wayne, NJ

New York

WRUB - Amherst, NY
WHRW - Binghamton, NY
WEOS - Geneva, NY
WRCU - Hamilton, NY
WSJU - Jamaica, NY
WBER - Penfield, NY
WUSB - Stony Brook, NY


WOUB - Athens, OH - Cincinnati, OH
WOBC - Oberlin, OH
WYSO - Yellow Springs, OH


KBVR - Corvallis, OR
KPUR - Forest Grove, OR,br> KEOL - La Grande, OR


WRFM - Blue Bell, PA
WVBU - Lewisburg, PA
WARC - Meadville, PA
WVMW - Scranton, PA

Rhode Island

WJMF - Smithville, RI

South Dakota

KSDJ - Brookings, SD


KNON - Dallas, TX
KSAU - Nacodoches, TX
KTSW - San Marcos, TX


KZMU - Moab, UT
KRCL - Salt Lake City, UT


WGDR - Plainfield, VT


KUGS - Bellingham, WA
KSVR - Mt. Vernon, WA
KCCR - Tacoma, WA


WLFM - Appleton, WI
WSUM - Madison, WI
WSUP - Platteville, WI



CJSR - Edmonton, AB

British Columbia

CFUV - Victoria, BC


CKUW - Winnipeg, MB


CHMR - St. Johns, NF

Nova Scotia

CKDU - Halifax, NS


CFRU - Guelph, ONT
CFMU - Hamilton, ONT
CHRW - London, ONT
CFRE - Ontario, CAN
CHUO - Ottawa, ONT


CIBL - Montreal, QC
CKUT - Montreal, QC
CHYZ - Quebec City, QC


CFCR - Saskatoon, SK

Q104.3 spins "Easy" - June 19, 2002

Out of the Box Show with Jonathan Clarke spins "Easy" Biggest rock station in the world. New York City.

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